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    Let us have this honour to help you preserve wonderful and memorable moments, let these moments be an art for your baby.


    hotographing babies is very often one of those activities that sounds simple but is no walk in the park. Photographing twin babies at times can be twice as difficult. Twins have a unique bond. The interaction between the two is so special that parents want twin baby photography to capture the spirit of this closeness.

    Twins are sometimes born early. If this is the case then you will have to schedule your session with them not before they are about two to three weeks old.

    There are certain challenges unique to an assignment of photographing twins. One idea that often works well is to wrap up the babies together. This may be one of the best options as they are used to this because that is how they spend their time in the womb. Take care when they are sleeping in this position though as the one may wake up, startle the other and additional problems may be the result.

    Apply the guidelines you would when shooting the activities of a single baby and you could have good results in twin baby photography as well. As long as you keep the studio warm, have some noise in the background and photograph them with a full belly you had done your part to create a stimulating environment. With older twins you can add props to the equation.

    It is of course impossible to predict the behavior of the twins during the shoot. Place them in a basket or a crate on their backs. Sometimes a small confined space like this can give you good results. If the babies are sleepy it also gives you the opportunity to move their arms and legs into a position that you feel will make a great photograph.?A parent with the twin resting in each arm can make a great photograph. Even though the photo shoot is about the babies it is also about documenting memories. For this reason include other family members in some of your pictures. And we do offer family photography as well.

    The biggest secret of photographing twins is however to be patient. When one baby gets upset it will not take long for the other to follow suit. You will have to wait until the babies are calm again and then get them ready for the camera once more. A baby photo shooting guideline with some useful tips may help you more.

    To make the most of twin baby photography you have to make use of the services of a professional. They know the tricks of the trade and the props to use. A customer should arrange a meeting and discuss the details of his or her requirements with them and assist them when necessary to ensure success. Two babies can be quite a handful. Patience and the correct help can go a long way towards achieving your goal.

    Book a package today to get the most out of your twin baby shooting. You will not be disappointed!



    (the package is subject to change, please contact the studio for latest information)

    • 1-2 hours shoot at the studio
    • 22 edited photos in hi resolution
    • 1 pc of 5R album with 22 edited photos
    • All unedited photos in DVD
    • Up to 5 family members in the shoot


    • 20 min shoot in studio each session ( total 12 sessions)
    • 9 edited photos per shoot ( total is 108 photos)
    • 11th shoot allow up to 5 family members to shoot
    • 12th shoot will be 1st birthday cake smashing ( parents to prepare cake)
    • At the end of 12 th session
      • 1 pc 8” X12” magazine album (60 -80 photos)
      • 12 pcs of 4R with photo and frame


    • 20 min shoot in studio each session ( total 6 sessions)
    • 9 edited photos per shoot ( total is 54 photos)
    • 5th shoot allow up to 5 family members to shoot
    • 6th shoot will be 1st birthday cake smashing ( parents to prepare cake)
    • At the end of 6th session
      • 1 pc 8” X8” magazine album (30 -40 photos)
      • 6 pcs of 4R with photo and frame

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