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Pregnancy is a magical feeling.  Pregnancy Photography is one way to capture this special feeling and connection with the unborn child!

Going through a pregnancy is an interested journey. Emotionally there are ups and downs. Physically your body is adjusting to ensure that your baby is safely growing inside the warm and safe womb.   It is natural that you would want to capture these stages in your body. As you can imagine, pregnancy photography focuses on the growth of you belly.   You can choose to have  multiple sessions or single session.  

Multiple sessions pregnancy photography

  • Get ready with a set of clothes and be prepared to wear it month after month
  • Pick a specific corner of the house to shoot or even  a favourite in town
  • The fun is seeing the belly changes from month to month

Single session pregnancy photography

  • Shoot during 32 to 36 weeks of pregnancy or whenever the bump is big and obvious
  • Find a few dress or wear a tube to make it obvious
  • Consider to hire an artist for a pregnant belly painting session, find out more details here.
  • Pick a outdoor venue or a indoor studio that you are comfortable in having the shoot
  • Invite your husband and older children to join this special photoshoot in celebrating a new member in the family
We have professional pregnancy photographer  to take down beautiful moment of your life. Find out more today!



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