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Portrait photography is an art focusing on the uniqueness of the person in front of the lens. As the face is the most distinguishable feature of any person this art is designed to capture and show the essence of the subject in question.

That does not mean that the rest of the body or clothing is necessarily excluded. The main aim though is to create a clear and clean close up image of the facial features and expressions of the person photographed.

Take a step back from the hustle & bustle of life today and enjoy a splendid journey to create an art for yourself.

In order to achieve success photographers must be familiar with their equipment including cameras, lenses and lighting. This art form is not easy as the photographer usually does not have the luxury of being creative with distance, depth or background. It is the face that is important and that part must be perfect.

We all see ourselves in a unique light. We know what we want to see reflected on a photograph. The photographer must determine exactly what it is that the subject wants to be highlighted on the picture and then try to connect to that. In order to achieve the perfect image photographers often try to take several pictures and use different approaches in the photo shoot.

One approach to portrait photography is to discuss the requirements of the client in depth with him or her. Here it is important for the photographer to listen and not to give advice. Let the customer dictate the terms and try your absolute best to include all the instructions in your end product.

As a photographer you can then also try including a more candid approach where you take a whole series of pictures or images unexpectedly. The focus is still on the face and you may just succeed in capturing the perfect facial emotion by creating a more natural and relaxed atmosphere.

The third approach may be for the photographer to bring his or her own creativity into play by using the lighting and technology to create contrast or give the background of the picture a more prominent role. It is however important to remember that in nature facial photography is not a creative art. The ultimate aim is to provide a perfect reflection of the face of the person in the style that he or she wants it.

We have high standards and we know the importance of relationships and support. We realize that we will have to give our best for our clients. That is why we will give them variety and leave the final choice up to them when we do portrait photography. They can review their photographs and choose the ones that they like. Have a look at what valuable photography packages we offer?and feel free to contact us!


Portrait Photography Package

(Packages are subject to change without notice. Please get a quote from the studio for the latest package details)

  • Also applicable for couple shoot
  • 1-2 hours shoot at the studio
  • 22 edited photos in hi resolution
  • 1 pc 5R album with 22 edited photos
  • All unedited photos in DVD
  • Up to 2 persons in the shoot


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