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Your bundle of joy

When you welcome your baby into this world, you are making a huge space in your heart for this beautiful bundle of joy. As a mother, from the moment your baby opens his or her eyes and sees your face, you want to capture that moment forever. As a father, when your baby’s small hands hold your little finger, you know that you always be there for your little champ in future.

Such moments, which give you the rush of joy, do not happen often. A baby grows very quickly in the first three months. If you want to etch those memories of your baby, then you need to have a few albums of your newborn baby picture.

Baby grown up too fast, create this heart-warming gift for your little one today!
We provide the best professional photography service in Malaysia so that you can always relive the first moments when your baby opened his or her eyes and changed your life forever. We are sensitive to the fact that the baby needs constant attention and we will work towards providing the maximum comfort for the baby and mother.

The first three months are crucial as your baby is getting acquainted with the new environment. He or she needs to feel comfortable, safe and secure in this new place. Your warmth, patience and love can make the first three months comfortable for the baby.

1st Month
In the first month, the baby is entirely depended on you for everything. The only way your baby can express his or her feelings is by crying. The baby might need to be cuddled because he or she is frightened. Moreover, the baby also cries when he or she is hungry.

2nd Month
In the second month, the baby starts becoming familiar to your voice. He or she can also sense your emotions and reacts accordingly. Your baby will be calmer if you stay calm. In addition, the baby will begin to smile at you around the end of the second month. You baby?s first smile will definitely take your breath away!

3rd Month
In the third month, your baby is able to associate your voice to your face. Your voice and expressions will slowly be recognized by your baby. He or she will start making little noises in responding to you. Sometimes, your baby will even be able to talk to you for hours.

If you are taking newborn baby picture, it can be when he or she makes her first sound. It can be catching the expression when the newborn feels the water of his or her skin. If he or she does not like the food or smell, then you can capture that too in your collection of newborn baby picture.

When you are not paying attention, your baby’s face will crunch, go red and then you can hear a wail that wants your immediate attention. Apart from that, when you lift your baby high up in the air, the sound of the giggling and the happiness on your baby’s face can be captured onto a film beautifully. In addition, when you gift your baby a new toy, you can see the curiosity in the eyes of the baby. All this can be captured by our baby photography services in Malaysia.

For baby, it is an experience of new senses. Your newborn will be seeing new things, touching you for constant assurances and drinking mother’s milk to grow stronger. In an essence, when they go through these emotions and movements with you. You will be able to easily put a memory to each of the newborn baby picture. We aim to provide pictures that bring out the true joy of motherhood and the baby’s little steps into this world.

Contact us today and be amazed on how wonderful your newborn baby can look in photos!


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Baby Photography Packages

(Subject to change without notice, please contact studio to get details of the latest packages)



  • 1-2 hours shoot at your home ( Klang Valley only)
  • 22 edited photos in hi resolution
  • 1 pc of 5R album with 22 edited photos
  • All unedited photos in DVD
  • Up to 5 family members in the shoot
  • Transportation within Klang Valley applies



  • 1-2 hours shoot at the studio
  • 22 edited photos in hi resolution
  • 1 pc of 5R album with 22 edited photos
  • All unedited photos in DVD
  • Up to 5 family members in the shoot




  • 1-2 hours shoot at the studio
  • 36 edited photos in hi resolution
  • 1 pc of 8″x8″ magazine album with 36 edited photos
  • 1 pc of 12R photo and frame
  • 4 pcs of 4R photo & frame
  • All unedited photos in DVD
  • Up to 5 family members in the shoot



Baby Theme Package 

  • 60- min photoshoot at Kota Damansara Studio
  • 2 baby themes with costume/ props/accessories are provided
  • Includes 22 edited photos
  • 1 pc of  5R photo album with 22 photos
  • 1 pc of  10R photo and frame
  • Up to 6 family members in the photoshoot
  • Mother will get make up and hair do

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