Baby Photography Props

Below are some of the baby photography props that are available in our baby photography studio. We use them in all types of photography to create the mood and enhance the effect of the baby shoot. 

Photography props such as flowers, hat, frames, lace fabric, rubber toys,  handmade wraps, blackboard and basket are some of the favourite,   most wanted essential piece of accessories for photographer in order to make their shoot interesting. 

You can find different backdrop of colors  and scenes in some of our studios.  Also,  we have windows that draw plenty of natural lights. As well as unique antique wooden furniture or modern contemporary furnitures that are used as props too.  We also have colorful blankets wraps that  is one of most popular props in baby shoot. These tools create perfect match to keep environment harmonious.

For home shooting, we will also bring along some smaller props with us to your house, so rest assure that we can recreate the mood at your home sweet home.

We welcome you giving us some suggestions and ideas during the shoot or bring in your own props to make the photoshooting experience more personalized.

Want to know more how we use the photography props? Check it out on our photography portfolio page now!


sri hartmas baby photography props sri hartmas baby photography props

Sri Hartmas new costume


portable backdropPhotography propsbaby photography props


basket as baby photography props

baby costumebaby costumebaby girl tutu

Check On The Studio Backdrop


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