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Precious Moment to Keepsake Forever

Giving birth to a child is a milestone to every parent like you. It opens for you another brilliant chapter of your life. It lets you shoulder the responsibility of moulding someone else’s life. In addition, this is a gift and at the same time, a privilege. Through time, the baby takes significant levels of his growth. His advancements are not developments of him alone, they are also yours as a mum. You shoulder every responsibility of nurturing him. In addition, every day of his life is a reality you have continued to set for him. In these circumstances, it is important to never lose a single aspect of your child’s growth. His advances makes a very remarkable pleasure in your being, especially that of being a parent. You should savour every milestone your child takes. You should cherish every progress he goes into. However, it is impossible to grasp each detail right? Especially if you are so busy doing other important things. This is where pictures do the role of reminding you how sweet the feelings have been, for you to be reminded, and for you to recall how far your child has gone. More importantly, for you to realize the extent of experience you have had as a parent. It is this light, where baby photography can benefit you greatly. Baby photography is a wonderful way of recording progress as well as saving some memories for you to savour in the future. Take a big step now to keepsake the precious moments for your baby! Visit here to find out all the valuable photography packages we offer!


Was in a hurry in getting a profile picture for my company for featuring in a magazine. In a short lead time the arrangement for appointment was done well and with great follow up. I am also very happy with my makeover and the photo. Will definitely recommend my family and friends!! BIG THANK YOU! – DENISE , KUALA LUMPUR


I just wanted to say THANKS!! We had such a great time yesterday, Jeff was great, my hair and makeup was great, the shots are great, and we are very very happy. I love that you give us all the shots so I can edit them myself, but honestly, I had trouble deleting any as they are virtually all good shots and I am finding it very hard to pick out my favourites!! Jeff is a great photographer and we are very happy with your service. We will definitely be back after the baby is born! – CHRISSY, BANDAR UTAMA



I would like to thank photographer Jeff for an enjoyable photo session yesterday 2nd Jan 2015. My kids enjoyed themselves very much at the studio. Thank you for capturing precious moments of our baby too. – BEE LENG



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Many mothers and fathers could not have enough sleep because they have to double their efforts to sustain the needs of their child. In addition, there are also many chores that need to be done at home as well as when taking care of the baby. In these busy times, days may be passing without you realizing the little joys that your child has brought into your lives. With baby photographs taken, you can be ensured that these memories will be immortalized. You will be able to check on them, whenever possible and your little one will be able to enjoy them as well when he or she grows older.

Silver Lining

Witnessing your child’s progress is like a positive aspect to a parent like you. It feels like an achievement, a real big one. Happiness you get from it cannot be paid with any amount. At times, when you feel like odds are not going your way, these events will remind you to continue hoping for the better.


Once In Lifetime Scenes

Your child’s first meal for example is something that you will never experience from him or her any more, but only once in your entire life. You hold that memory, for they never go back to being a child. This memory and many others are saved for you to reminisce and treasure.

Children Grow

They set a new step ahead all the time that you have to keep in pace with. What you could leave for yourself as a throwback are the pictures that represent the bond you have shared with your child.  

Stop wasting your precious time taking undesirable photos.


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